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Welcome to MasterTech!

For nearly 20 years, Master Tech Automotive has been the leader in automotive care in the Tri Cities.
At Master Tech, we understand the investment involved in owning a modern automobile. We have invested as well. Factory level tooling,and training, and a passion for quality and service. We love doing what it takes to get the most out of your vehicles. 
Europeans cars require a culture of care.

Diesels need experience and intense training.

We work and train every day to stay at the top of our game.
As the top shop in the Tri Cities, we even work at helping other shops with solutions that in the past only the dealerships could provide. 
We set ourselves apart by practicing high level maintenance for longevity. In today's high tech world, a normal oil change is just not good enough. 
Find out why Master Tech Automotive is the leader in modern repair and maintenance for today's cars and trucks. 

Our specialties include;

  • High level maintenance for longevity

  • European Service

  • Diesel and custom diesel service, including Malone tuning

  • Digital inspection and communications for the most transparency in the market

  • All makes, All models factory level service. 

Master Tech is a full digital shop

Giving you all information you need to care for your vehicles

Find out why

Let us know how our skilled team can help
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