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Your True Dealer Alternative for Porsche Repair

Your Porsche is a true racing machine built for maximum performance, but the need for Porsche repairs will come sooner or later. As the miles add up, components are bound to suffer typical wear and tear, and the most qualified automotive experts will see your Cayenne, Cayman or 911 Carrera gets all the attention it requires. You’ll find these experts at Master Tech Automotive in Richland, WA. Thanks to our dealer-level scan tools, advanced diagnostics and knowledge across the entire Porsche model line, we’re proud to be your true dealer alternative for Porsche repair.

Porsche Repairs Always Done Correctly

The experienced team at Master Tech Automotive has been serving Porsche owners throughout Richland and the Tri-Cities region since 2003 with Porsche repairs always done correctly. Our ASE Master technicians adhere to the highest standards of accuracy with products, services and maintenance practices that are truly unique in the field. Whether you need suspension work on a Panamera, alignment on a Macan or anything else, we guarantee you the right results at a fair price.

Small Family Business with Big Results

Here at Master Tech Automotive, we utilize modern industry technology to conduct a thorough digital inspection of every Porsche we handle. This includes photos of all parts and systems to show you their current conditions. After all, there’s more to Porsche repairs than correcting the immediate issue, and our long-term Porsche health plan will let you make timely Porsche repair decisions. We’re a small, family-owned business committed to delivering big results, now and for as long as you own your Porsche.

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