FAQ Master Tech Automotive

How does MT keep its shop rate so affordable?

It’s simple. We invest in technology, tools, education and information, rather than spending crazy amounts of money on multi-million dollar facilities. It boils down to our cost of business and overhead being so much lower than our competitors that we’re able to pass that savings to our customers.

Can't I just get my oil changed at the Quick-lube place?

Although there are many retail box stores and lube joints offering oil changes for dirt cheap these days, it raises many questions and concerns you should consider before making a decision. Are they using quality parts and fluids that will ensure longevity of your vehicle? Are the technicians ASE Certified experts? Our technicians are experienced professionals who perform a visual bumper to bumper inspection of fluids, belts, and other major functions.

Will MT look at a vehicle before I buy it?

Absolutely. In fact, we highly recommend a Used Vehicle Inspection before buying any car, truck or motorcycle. Contact our shop to schedule a visit. We will give the vehicle a complete visual inspection and relay a detailed report and our advice before you make the buy.

How do your technicians stay so darn handsome?

It’s a gift.

Affordable Care

With the average automotive rate being about $120+ an hour, Master Tech Auto is proud to be able to provide premium services at an affordable rate that can’t be beat because we’re 100% local and independent!

Our Approach

Since the beginning, we have always been a shop that believes in educating our customers.

We believe in fully informing and educating drivers about their vehicles so they can make wise and informed decisions that will not only protect their family, but also save money in the long run by preventing further, and often unnecessary repairs or issues in the future. Master Tech is proud to be the Tri-Cities premier auto repair center. Call today and speak to a technician: (509) 545-6165

standard service warranty

At Master Tech Auto, all labor is guaranteed for NINETY (90) DAYS unless otherwise stated in writing on your invoice as provided at the time of service. All parts carry warranty as directly provided by the manufacturer. Master Tech does not currently offer extended warranties on parts. Most new parts have a one-year warranty.

Ask your technician about specific warranty information on both labor and any parts supplier warranties on all jobs and services.

Each part supplier maintains it's own warranty policy.

Squeak-free Brake Guarantee

Here's the deal, when you buy a new car they have brakes, and they don't squeak.....right. So why can't an after market shop do the same? Details Here