Diesel Done Right


If you own a modern Diesel, you are in a select group. Modern Common Rail diesels are a marvel. In the old days, the Diesel engine was a smokey, noisey, low power endeavor. Now, They are quite, efficient, and very powerful. Most diesel owners have one for a good reason. A Cummins owner may work…

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European Passion

Passion added to skill is our thing. We love cars, and European cars are on their own level. We drive these cars. We understand the culture that builds them. Once you drive a A6 twin turbo, or a Saab Areo V6, or a TDI diesel, you just don’t want to go back to anything else.…

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Full Service BG SHop

BG Services

BG products and services, Miles Above The Rest What are we doing here? Taking care of the modern car seems like a minefield that is getting ready to explode. Your reading this because you are curious about the needs of your cars, trucks and what to do About it. Why do we, as professionals use…

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air-conditioning repair

Gotta Have My A/C!

Finally, Summer is back! And if you’ve lived here in Richland, Pasco or Kennewick for any length of time, I’m sure we both agree we would never survive burning Tri-Cities desert heat cruising down Columbia Blvd or 225 without our air conditioning. (Mine pretty much never leaves the Full Blast “Jet Engine” Setting all summer)…

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Brake Repair

Squeak-Free Performance Brakes!

To most shops, a good brake job is throw on the big suppliers product and call it good. This can get you by for a couple of years. Then your back. Popping for another brake job. We use Performance Friction (PF) in about 80% of our brake jobs. The other 20% are car specific, Euro,…

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oil-change services

Oil… Yeah, Its A Big Deal

Things have changed. Some for the better. Oil changes for one. We can still do the 39 dollar oil change if you want, but your car won’t like it. Modern vehicles have gone far ahead of the ‘cheap’ oil change. We also consider your needs… like fewer trips to the shop and a better timed…

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auto thermostat repair

Heat Kills

Summer heat, little things mean a lot. Heat kills, not just you and the family pup, but your vehicle as well. In the summer desert heat of the Tri-Cities, your car is doing a dance with the devil. Bad car… bad! New cars are designed to run at about 220 degrees. But 260 degrees starts…

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