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Gotta Have my A/C!

Finally, Summer is back! And if you’ve lived here in Richland, Pasco or Kennewick for any length of time, I’m sure we both agree we would never survive burning Tri-Cities desert heat cruising down Columbia Blvd or 225 without our air conditioning. (Mine pretty much never leaves the Full Blast “Jet Engine” Setting all summer)

As an automotive service center we know servicing air conditioning can be an issue and something you want done right the first time around. With busy lives every day and budgets ever tightening, “free A/C checks” that will be promoted this summer will sound very tantalizing. What is it you’re really receiving from a shop offering “free air conditioning check” or a promise of a flat rate $69.99 charge?

Basically, you are already at the shop because you know your air conditioning is not exactly conditioning anything, and what you get for a low price is a basic, rehearsed response from the technician, “Yup, it’s broke!”.

But you’re smart and charming and everything awesome, so you already know that it’s broke. Your sweaty back and brow are already your initial check… and that was free! Really?… $70 to tell me something my road rage already defined?! No thanks!.

In all honesty, air conditioning is expensive. Period. The two things we do as a premier Master level service center that requires the most equipment and extensive training, diagnostics and experience.

Look for a shop that is well equipped, and will treat you fair. Getting air conditioning work done on the cheap, will cost you in the end. Our shop has two machines, and we can still do R12. A few vintage cars still get the stuff.  Unless you want to go to 4-60 A/C system ( 4 windows down, 60 MPH ) get it fixed right! Have it inspected and charged by a Master Technician with the tools, technology and decades of experience to get it right the first time so you can cruise in comfort from Kennewick to Pasco to Richland and leave the sweaty road rage behind!

We’d be happy to take a look at your vehicle and discuss options. Our expert Master Certified Technicians enjoy educating you in common language that anyone can absorb. We’re not here to impress you with auto mumbo-jumbo. The evidence of our work will speak for itself.

Contact us today to schedule a visit or stop in to speak one-on-one with our Master Technicians.

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