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Quality European Care

Updated: Feb 6

The landscape in the Tri-Cities has changed. If you own a European vehicle, and you need service, it is simple. With the recent changes, you have two choice for experienced, quality, high level service. The dealer, and... yes, dare I say, Master Tech Automotive, home of European Passion. with two highly qualified Master Technicians, and over 50 years of experience, we are the Only non dealer that has credentials, and does this as a passion. As proof, our experience includes 40 years of Euro, VW/Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover, and other work. And, Porsche Gold certification, Mercedes Dealer certification, Audi Dealer certification, and more. We are one of the only shops on the east side with dealer tools, for even Volvo, Jag, Land Rover, and all the normal European models. We own, and drive these cars. We stock most the parts needed for Factory level service, and carry Liquimolly, Mann, BG, Mahle, and many other European brands. No compromise. Find out why we are the only true dealer alternative in the Tri-Cities.

Factory level tooling for:









Custom Tuning for:

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