To most shops, a good brake job is throw on the big suppliers product and call it good. This can get you by for a couple of years. Then your back. Popping for another brake job. We use Performance Friction (PF) in about 80% of our brake jobs. The other 20% are car specific, Euro, and specialty products that are supplied otherwise. PF came from the most severe applications, making brake applications for very large heavy equipment and for professional racing. All of this gave them an edge in engineering.

PF’s typical pad on a street car will run 60-80 thousand miles or more, brake better with no fade, and no squeak! Brakes are all about handling heat, and these guys do it better than anyone. Spend an extra 20 bucks for these pads, versus the other, and get the best.

Taken from an actual manufacturer label:

“During the first couple of hundred miles on a new set of brake pads, allow for slightly longer braking distances. The brakes may feel slightly spongy and less effective than usual. This is to be expected and will go away as the brakes “break in.”

We find this statement to be absolute nonsense! Our local Richland Washington auto technicians use a proprietary method developed to immediately negate any “break in” period. We’ve developed an exclusive method that also completely prevents brake “squeak” for the ENTIRE life of your pads.

We won’t put you at risk like that manufacturer label suggests in the first 100 miles, because that’s exactly what it’s implying! Our proprietary procedures do away with long, unpredictable break-in. Your brakes will work the first time, at full potential. Doing that “Old School” break in causes lots of problems, overheating and glazing pads due to high pedal effort, reducing pad life, causing brake fade, scored rotors, dust and wear are all possible. We also use premium parts. Performance Friction pads and others that outperform the normal by a lot. Many shops use cheaper parts and hope to see you in 2 years, right after you forgot that you just did them.

Our policy, if it squeaks, if it doesn’t feel right, bring it back. Period. We warranty for noise down to 10% of pad wear.

We regularly see and expect 60 to 90 thousand miles out of our brakes. We always expect the highest standard for safety, and performance. Including addressing the entire system. Condition of fluid, components and even the suspension all play a role.

Squeak Free Guarantee

Some people just slap brakes on. Not here at Master Tech. We take your brakes very seriously. Using the best pads and performing specially trained (proprietary) procedures to set the brake job up for long term high level performance is our goal. At Master Tech, no squeaks are allowed, ever. If your brakes make noise when we are done, bring them back. Period (this rarely happens). Noise warranty applies down to 10% wear.

Here’s the deal, when you buy a new car they have brakes, and they don’t squeak…..right. So why can’t an after market shop do the same?

Master Tech can! A brake job is really a minor machining operation. Attention to detail, training, specs, use of chemicals and procedures can get right back to that factory setup. Or in our case, even better. With the use of Performance Friction pads we are sometimes well above factory spec. These brakes should last 60- 80,000 miles in some cases. (I have seen over 100K). Other shop use what are marketed as ‘premium’ pads from local vendors but really they are mid grade or worse with a fancy title (they need you back again in two years for the same work).

Because of our in-stock supply of PF brakes we can sell premium pads for about the same as other mid-grade types. The result, great brakes that give you a better feel and last a long, long time. Along with servicing the rest of the system correctly there is just no better brakes out there.