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BG Products

BG Products and Services

BG Products and services are the Premier Automotive Service products on the market today.

In today’s world of high horsepower boosted engines and 8-speed Transmissions BG products are the perfect service combination to extend the life of your vehicle 1 to 200,000 miles more than what would be considered normal. With the huge investment in cars and especially diesels it makes servicing even more important to get the maximum out of that vehicle. BG can address every component on your car whether it is the engine, transmission,  steering, air conditioning or other components. There is no one like BG.

Your engine is the most important component that keeps you rolling down the road. In today's world, normal  maintenance, or "free" oil changes, is just not good enough. If you plan on keeping your car past 100,000 miles, as many do, you need to start now with higher level maintenance.  BG is simply the best at this. with product that really work, and and unmatched warranty program, there is no one like BG. With oil additive, synthetic oils and EPR cleaning services we have proven results that get 2-300,000 mile out of most vehicles, and really, even more on some models

BG Engine service:

  • Maintenance service with BG MOA

  • Compression Restore oil service with EPR and MOA

  • Dynamic Engine Cleaning, With 3 part DREP

BG Transmission services are the best services you can do to protect this large component. Even if your Dealer told you it "never needs serviced,...Lifetime fluid",if you plan on taking your vehicle over 100K, that is not a reasonable statement. The only way to get the results you need to get 200,300K out of a component like this, is service it before the wear occurs. As early as 50-60K to start with. BG has perfected and tested this process and nearly every vehicle qualifies for fluid coverage, and  the BG Lifetime Protection Plan. 

Transmission Services

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