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European Passion


Your True Dealer Alternative for European Repair

At Master Tech Automotive, we embrace German engineering at its finest, but the need for maintenance and repairs will come sooner or later. As the miles add up, components are bound to suffer typical wear and tear, and the most qualified automotive experts will see your European vehicle gets all the attention it requires. You’ll find these experts at Master Tech Automotive in Richland, WA. Thanks to our dealer-level scan tools, advanced diagnostics and knowledge across the entire Euro model line, we’re proud to be your true dealer alternative for European maintenance and repair.

European Maitnenance that goes above and beyond

The experienced team at Master Tech Automotive has been serving European car owners throughout Richland and the Tri-Cities region since 2003. Our ASE Master technicians adhere to the highest standards of accuracy with products, services and maintenance practices that are truly unique in the field. Whether you need transmission work on an Audi, alignment on a BMW, or anything else, we guarantee you the right results at a fair price. Our use of the latest in mainenance services, and products put us above the dealerships on many scales. Longevity, Survivability, and minimizing brakdowns to name a few. Even our brake work can be at, or above factory level. 

New Tech, New Problems

With the changes in the industry, we have seen a lot of new, and concerning issues. GDI fuel injection, while kinda cool, adds a whole new world of carbon issues. 4 Cyl. Turbos, that are replacing the bigger V6's, are pushing the limits of these platforms, and creating higher service needs. CVT transmissions, and 8-9-10 speeds, are doing the same. The margins to failure are closer than ever. Add electronics, motors, sensors and other things, and you get wat we call Cascading Failure. Sometimes, one event can turn on all the lights on the dash, and even put the car in limp mode. Only good servicing, and higher level attention can keep your car away from one of these events. 

Our Services


With Xentry, the OE scan tool, we have what it takes to talk to even the latest Mercedes. This gives us the edge in really taking care of your Mercedes. Add to that our ability to source OE, and Euro supplied equivalent parts, and we can offer the best services, at a good price. 

Land Rover

If you know, you know. That is a LR owner. We are proud to be the only game in town with JLR. We have extensive resources, and experience on Land Rover, Range Rover, and Jag. Driving to a Land Rover So dont. 


As a German family of cars, VAG and Porsche are all one big happy one now. We carry ODIS, and other Factory tools, for more accureate, in depth service and diagnositics than anyone around. Add to that our extensive diesel knowledge and we cannot be beat. ( Not bragging it it's true) 

Lamin_X E46 M3 2.jpg


BMW is in it's own little world. And it is a good world. But not without it's particular idiosyncrasies. We are equipped with ISTA, and can do the BMW thing. CIP updates, Coding, Programing. All here, no dealer needed. An, we can do things they can't, or won't do. YEs, we are that good. 

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