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Obeymycar support 

Find out what we are about. Get the help you need. When you need it. 



When you need help, how you approach it is the most important thing. 

In this industry, everyone is on a n Arc of training, learning, growing. When you need a boost, we are there. If you decide to work with us, we will work with your needs, and develop a strategy to get a solution, fast. How we think, how we approach a problem can make all the difference. 

Who is this? 


We are obeymycar. but the principle driver is Thomas Richardson. Who is he? Well.....

Thomas is a 42 year, ASE Master, L1 Tech. Now running a business for 20 years, has developed a wide range of experience. Never shying away for technology, rather embracing it. As a business owner, I have developed a wide range of strategies, and experience to solve issues. Sometimes the hard way, but more, from training, doing, and working with some of the best in the world. Now, time to share, pass it on, be there for someone else. 



This is what you really came here for.

If your here, you need some help. A little or a lot. No worries. The support you need can be placed in a number of categories. Engeneering, specs, computers, language, coding. Starting a support encounter is easy. 

The more we know about you, and the issue, the better. Do your best. Do some due diligence before calling. 

Sometimes you just need to bounce something off someone else. other times, a deep dive is necessary. Believe me, I know. And, to be transparent, if I don't have the answer you need..... I know people! 

What do we need to help you? 

Basics, to details.........

When you set up a support, have some stuff ready. YMM, customer complaint, your work. No silver bullets. I expect you to do you due diligence. Initial testing, data, findings. Do you have a scope? What type? What scan tools are available? Do you have a J2534? All can be very important. 

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