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Diesel Done Right

Please understand, we love diesels, but we love our environment even more. We do not do deletes, or other modifications that defeat the emissions system. We fix them, and keep them running right. 

Your True Dealer Alternative for Diesel Service

Power and efficiency define diesel engines, as they’re built to withstand heavy demands. On the PowerStroke, Duramax, Cummins and Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC alike, routine diesel service is your key to longevity as the miles add up. Our experienced automotive experts will deliver the diesel service you need, and you’ll find these experts at Master Tech Automotive in Richland, WA. Thanks to our dealer-level scan tools, advanced diagnostics and factory training on most makes, we stand proudly as your true dealer alternative for diesel service.

A focus on Diesel. A passion for power

Many shops are getting away from diesel, or say they can do it but are experimenting. We grew up on diesel, and we keep up. We know the latest technology and study every day. What has changed in 30 years? Everything, even the fuel Low sulfur fuel, common rail, lower compression, lower smoke, and emissions. All a part of the change. But these advances come at a cost. complication, technology. Without microprocessors, the old school rattle and smoke would still be the norm. If you work a diesel hard or drive a powerful, efficient European diesel….we are your shop. Period.

On-Site Experts & Services

Factory level tooling, High level aftermarket service and parts, Oil, Additives, Treatments that work. That is Diesel Done right.

With three factory tools, and two Malone Tuning tools, we have the tools no one else in region can boast. 

Repair & Maintenance Services

From a simple oil change to a Bulletproof of a Powerstroke, we know what works. Diesel Trucks can run 500,000 miles. We can get you there with style. We have multiple trucks with 500,000, up to 760,000 miles. Our maintenance services are driven by BG excellence. From EGR, induction cleaning, to fuel and oil, we have the good stuff. 

Diesel Done Right like no one else

Diesel Done Right is not a slogan, but a way of life. At Master Tech, we do Diesel Done Right. Advanced understanding of the modern Common Rail diesel, combined with BG Products and services, Liquimolly and Motorcraft, Delco and Euro Factory parts sets us apart. Tuning to any range with Malone Tuning, Edge, SCT, and FASS is the best combination. what this means is we get the details, and the combinations Right. We do Maintenance that restores your diesel to flawless operation. the modern Common Rail engine is a scientific marvel, we know what to do to keep it that way. Call us, or Drop-in. Master Tech is truly Diesel Done Right.


Small Family Business with Big Results

Here at Master Tech Automotive, we utilize modern industry technology to conduct a thorough digital inspection of every car we handle. This includes photos of all parts and systems to show you their current conditions. After all, there’s more to European car repairs than correcting the immediate issue, and our long-term car health plan will let you make timely car repair decisions. We’re a small, family-owned business committed to delivering big results, now and for as long as you own your car.

Got a Diesel? Give Us a Call Now!

Diesel done right Merch

Products we use that make diesels last, and perform. Plus a little more. 

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