Whether its a Golf TDI, Ram, Ford or Chevy truck, we've got all of your repairs covered.


Dealer level tooling, and no compromise. Factory and custom are all in our tool box. ( we have a big one )

From VW to BMW, Audis, Porsche, Mercedes, Volvo, and more our techs are certified for dealer grade repair that does not void the warranty!

Preventative Services

We've got you for all of your preventative needs.

BG products are the best products out there when it comes to oil, we perform engine oil changes with only the best product.


Engine Repairs

Diesel, combustion, we can fix it.

Need service work? Give Us a Call Now!

Factory Level Service, just the start of what we do. 

Scheduled Services

So you have to go to the dealership for service on you newer vehicle?..... Not!!

Why, you say, they know the car best. They have the right parts. They have cookies. 

With the growth of information, training, availability of parts, and an explosion of products to get the most out of these wonderfully built cars, there is a level playing field. Really, it's not level. For a high quality aftermarket shop like Master Tech Automotive, we can play in the dealers sandbox. But, now, they cannot play in ours. You see, at Master Tech, we have all the factory parts, information, and tooling that allows us to work at their level, but they are likely unable, or unwilling to do the things we can. do. Even with scheduled maintenance, we can do the " list ", but, we will look at the car, and customize the needs of the vehicle, and your driving , and sunset needs to your budget and liking. No chance the dealer will do this. They will throw the list at it, and it is not nearly enough, knowing how these cars and trucks work out in the real world. Trust the ASE Master certified techs at Maser Tech to keep you going, from day 1. ( and, yes, we have cookies ) 

Longevity Services

Masters of the long run

We keep or cars and trucks forever now, don't we. !!

Vehicles We Service




  • European

    • Audi Volkswagen

    • BMW

    • Mercedes

    • Sprinter

    • Volvo

    • JLR

  • Asian

    • Acura Honda

    • Infinity Nissan

    • Lexus Toyota Scion

    • Mitsu

    • Hyundai Kia

Our Services

  • Diesels

  • European cars

  • Know your vehicle inspection

  • Oil change service

  • Brake inspection

  • Factory level diagnostics

  • Full-service BG shop

  • 3D Alignment

  • 60-90K inspection

  • Computer Diagnostics

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 8am - 5:30pm

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