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Things have changed. Some for the better. Oil changes for one. We can still do the 79 dollar oil change if you want, but your car won't like it. Modern vehicles have gone far ahead of the 'cheap' oil change. We also consider your needs… like fewer trips to the shop and a better timed inspection for the vehicles regular needs, all reasons why we now offer the BG Extended Life Oil Service.

We use oils that are far better than your Dad’s old 10W40. And we use vehicle specific data to select the ideal oil. This allows us to go 6-8,000 miles with no harm at all, and every intention of the engine running 300,000 miles. ( I have put 300K on two vehicles ).

The latest testing of the ACEA standards have shown this to be the best approach in most cars and trucks. We can now do oil service change, but only need to see the car once or twice a year. During that service we spend a little time to be sure the car is in good shape and inspected thoroughly. We use the best oils, the best additives, and customize it to your vehicle. At really no more cost than the old way.

  • New technology allows extended oil change services to include inspections and test procedures that are far more effective at identifying proactive service points which prevent break-downs and increase reliability.

  • We use the ACEA oil service rating systems (instead of just API or ILSAC) to select oil and filters that meet OEM requirements in extended service.

  • Most VVT failures are a result of poor maintenance. Most shops fail to recognize the specialized needs of this advanced technology. There are now eight essential ACEA oil service ratings, 20 essential GM, Ford, VW, MB and BMW oil service ratings and the less stringent API and ILSAC oil service ratings. We refine this down to the needs for your car. (No pun intended)

  • “Your time is very important. Giving your vehicle the correct service at an extended interval takes this into consideration. All while doing the best thing for your engine.

  • Research shows that an oil that has ACEA/A5B5 approval will certainly go six months or 8,000 miles with no problems in most Honda/Toyota products, and it gives the customer better protection and more convenience.

And now, with BG full service and the Total Engine Assurance program, using these products can give you the peace of mind knowing we will back the internal Engine for the entire life of the car, up to $6000 in coverage, at no additional cost.

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